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Our Mission Partners are 

Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community


MIDS Office, Tamil Nadu, India

2007 and BEYOND

In the Beginning:


All for Life ~ Life for All started with a personally funded mission trip to Tamil Nadu, India by Matthew and Luisa Box in 2007.  They volunteered with MIDS (Marthandam Integrated Development Society) which is a social work agency of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Marthandam, India.  Their work included teaching English as a second language to various colleges, novitiates and seminaries; as well as offering support and finance to small business activity through micro-credit and business creation for $100 AUD per business.  Upon leaving India the MIDS agency asked Matthew and Luisa to consider starting a CARE Programme which involved the sponsorship of children in marginalised families.  The sponsorship cost being $160 AUD annually to pay for school fees, uniforms, books and one excursion per year until a child reached the equivalent of year 12 level.  MIDS gathered information for an initial 18 children from which the number has grown to in excess of 200 in 2014.


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